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My name is Cynthia Mezydlo and I live in Frankfort Illinois. I have been involved with animals for as far back as I can remember. I had my own show kennel called Light Up Lhasas and I am proud to say I bred the number one top producing Lhasa Apso male in breed history, and also the number eight female LIGHT UPS RED ALERT, and LIGHT UPS GOLDEN GRAFFITI. 

I worked as a nurse technician for four years at South Chicago Community Hospital and also Holy Cross on the south side .I also worked for a veterinarian. I have learned many things in my ventures. I also have a love for cats as well, Persians especially.....something about long hair I guess. I also owned four large birds, greenwing, blue and gold, mollucan, eclectus and I can do hand feeding too. Last but not least, rabbits, blue eyed whites, angoras, (the hair thing) must go back to my beautician days!!!!! 

AGAIN, let me say this. I LOVE ANIMALS!! I know animals and my passion for them has driven me to do rescue, as I belong to several rescue groups - Persian rescue in particular and puppy mill rescue. Anyone who knows me knows my animals come first. What can I say? I will give your animal the same love and respect I give my own. I know what it is to love them like they are your kids, because after all, they are, aren't they?

Call or text Cynthia at 630-205-6644

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